Outlook Integration Tools

The Outlook Integration Tools for Xero provide a suite of handy features that integrate Xero with the Windows version of Outlook 2007/2010/2013.


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The Outlook Integration Tools gives you an array of productivity tools to help enhance your workflow and take advantage of the power of MS Outlook.

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  • Use Calendar Appointments to create timesheets and do Time & Billing
  • Filter Billable and Non-Billable Time in your Calendar
  • Create Quotes and Draft Invoices direct in your emails using your own templates.
  • Send existing invoices using your email address!
  • View Expense Claims and outstanding Invoices in your task list.
  • See upcoming Employee Leave and Birthdays.
  • Synchronise your contacts between Outlook and Xero.



    • Do you support Windows XP?

No, sorry. Microsoft are phasing out support for Windows XP and making it very hard to deploy software to it.

    • I’d like to make a feature request…

Email me and we can talk about it. As long as it’s technically feasible and provides a benefit to other users then it should be fine.

    • How do I know when there’s an update?

Currently I make a post on this website, but I may add some sort of notification in the app at a later stage.