New Features/Fixes:
  • Added filters for Accounts and Contacts
  • Added table layout for Contacts and Journals
  • Filters now remember previous settings (works on Core tables, I’ll add support for reports soon)
  • Added support for automatic paging through Journals (API limits 100 results per request, system will keep paging through until no results are left).

Go to Excel Integration Tools for more info.


New Features/Fixes:
  • Added filter for Bank Transactions
  • Added better support for auto-formatting dates
  • Added Overdue Purchases View
  • Added better table layouts for Accounts & Bank Transactions (Credit Notes, Expense Claims, Invoices, Organisation, Payments and Receipts all have customized table layouts, the remainder dynamically draw the table based on the data sent back from the API which often doesn’t look great)

Go to Excel Integration Tools for more info.


New Features/Fixes:
  • New Ribbon bar menu for Outlook 2010/2013 (2007 will continue to use original menu as it does not support this)
  • Better caching added, which should speed up login times to Xero.
  • Better support for Xero RESTful API to minimise network chatter.
  • Validation added to Contact Card when uploading to Xero.
  • ‘Update All Contacts’ feature depreciated (may return at a later stage depending on demand).

Go to Outlook Integration Tools for more info.


New Features/Fixes:
  • Core Tables now use views to show related complex data like Contact or Account information; this is to make reporting easier.
  • The login to Xero process now prompts if you want payroll support.
  • Support for Xero reports and published added.
  • Filters added to reports.
  • Added support for multiple table instances and updating existing tables.

Go to Excel Integration Tools for more info.

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Beta release notes:

  • Added ‘Dashboard’ button to allow quick access to Xero Dashboard for current Organisation
  • Added ‘Organisation’ button to allow connecting and changing of current Organisation
  • Added ‘Insert’ button (with a small selection of tables) which creates a dump of the Xero data to the selected range.