Before you jump into using the Excel or Outlook addons, take a few minutes to watch the tutorial videos. They’ll get you up to speed quickly and go through everything you need to know. Make sure to check back often as they get updated when new features come out.

Video Tutorials

Excel Addon:

Outlook Addon:

License Transfer

You can transfer your license for free once every 14 days. To do this, click the Register button (with my logo) and click deactivate. Then you can use your serial to activate another machine. If you no longer have access to the original machine and are unable to deactivate it, you can do it here:

Contact Support:

If you find a bug, take a screenshot and give me some detailed steps so I can reproduce it, then send it to the email address below. I’ll do my best to get it resolved for the next release.

If you’d like to get on Skype to discuss something, ask some questions, have me remote into your environment to troubleshoot or get some one on one training etc. This is charged at my consultancy rate of AU$100/30 mins paid in advance. Email me and we can discuss a suitable time.